Google+ Games: Permission Options Added

Google+ launched their games platform last week to a rather excited user base. Not only are Google+ Games easy to navigate, but the games stream doesn’t clog up user’s main streams. The whole gaming experience has been quite flawless from the start, however there were still a few features missing according to many social gamers. As with the rest of Google+, the engineers at Google are listening closely to feedback streaming in.
Today Satyajeet Salgar, announced a small, yet very important addition to the gaming platform. In the past, if one was to allow permissions for a particular game, there really wasn’t any simple way to revoke them from while in a particular game. Because of this, Google has taken the initiative to add a small “manage permissions” link under the game menu at the bottom left of the “Games” screen. This can be seen in the image below:
When clicked, the user will be taken to an easy to understand page, where one can simply click on the “revoke access” link to remove the particular permission they no longer want active. Certainly this makes playing games a lot more care free, knowing that when you are no longer interested in a particular game you can revoke the permissions on it within seconds.
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