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Just In: Start a Google+ Hangout From YouTube

Most of you already knew that Youtube had some integration with the Google+ Hangout platform, however this integration has gone a step further today. Up until now, during a Hangout, users could watch a video and have everyone else in that particular Hangout view the video with them. As of today, users on the Youtube site can start a hangout around any particular video.
While at any video on, you simply have to click on the “Share” button beneath the video. As usual, the video link, as well as various other ways to share it online will pop up. What’s new though, is the “Watch with your friends. Start a Google+ Hangout” link to the right. All you have to do is click that and it launches a Hangout window where the video of your choice is playing within that Hangout. This is a great way to shorten the process of watching videos with friends at the same time within a Hangout. Below is an image showing the new link within the Youtube page:

It was clear that Google would be leveraging it’s various other properties to build up the usability and member base of Google+. This is likely the start of numerous integration ideas that the Google+ team likely has up their sleeves. Enjoy!