If you’re on Google Plus, and have used YouTube lately, you must’ve noticed a new addition. A single click of ‘Share’ now gives you an option to watch the YouTube video with your friends, by simply starting off a ‘Hangout’ – the Google Plus feature that allows users to engage in simple, hassle-free conversations with their online contacts, in addition to live, multi-person video chatting. So, now with the Hangouts feature enabled on YouTube, sharing videos could possibly become a hassle-free task, a report suggests.

Ahh..right there!

To begin with, presuming that you've found the video that you think your friends just have to see, you need to click on the 'Share' icon. Once done, you can see the new icon nestled safely on your right, which reads - "Watch with your friends....Start a Google Hangout". If you already have a Google Plus account linked to your Google - YouTube account, then you're good to go. The service allows you to choose the number of friends you want to share the video with. Once done, you can make alterations to the video viewing experience - muting it, hitting start or stop, among others, and each of these alterations that you make will be visible on the screens of your friends, too. With the enabled, in-built chat window, your hangout group can have a conversation in full swing. 

Have you tried the Google Plus on YouTube, yet? Why not tell us your experience with it?
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