Google+ Growing, But Not at the Expense of Twitter and Facebook

When Google+ launched back in late June of this year, immediately the number one question, was whether or not the new social network would eventually be a Facebook or Twitter killer.  In fact, many blogs, including PlusHeadlines, calculated when Google+ would eventually pass both rival social networks in total users.  As Google+ continues to expand it’s member base, one would think that Twitter, or at least Facebook, would see a slight decline, or perhaps a leveling off of traffic.  This however isn’t the case at all, at least in the United States.
According to Comscore, for the first full month since Google+ launched, July, both Twitter and Facebook saw an increase in unique visits.  Facebook saw 162 million unique visitors for the month of July, compared with 160.8 million unique visitors in June, and 157.2 million  in May.   Twitter saw even better growth numbers for the same months.  They saw 32.8 million uniques in July, compared with 30.6 million in June, and 27 million for the month of May.  Twitter in fact had the best single month in its five year history.

A Look at the Growth of Various Social Networks in the Past Year
Does this mean that Google+ is not a success? No, however if does indicate that neither Facebook or Twitter has to worry just yet about the search giants social networking intentions. One month of data certainly isn’t enough to warrant either social network to relax, however it does indicate that Google+ will likely have an uphill battle to fight in the coming 3-6 months in order to get somewhat of a foothold in the industry.
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