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Louis Gray To Become The Face of Google+

If you have at all been following internet technology over the last five years, then without a doubt, you know who Louis Gray is. The man, known for his work in social media, as well as being an early adopter of various technologies, has announced on his Google+ page just moments ago that he will be joining the Google+ team as a full time employee, becoming the Product Marketing Manager for the new social network. The post he made, breaking the news is below:
Big personal news here which should help the Google+ community!
I am joining Google on Monday in a product marketing role (reporting to +Brett Crosby under +Gary Briggs’ org) and will be focused on Google+, helping to improve the product and evangelize it to the world. I start on Monday. This means I am transitioning off Paladin and my6sense, where most of my time has been over the last year or so, and will be working full-time in Mountain View.
Don’t expect my blog to go away. I will continue to highlight services I love and trends in the industry. That will never change. Just anticipate a new and exciting set of disclosures.
This is a major move by Google, bringing in a man, who in my opinion, has the foresight to really make Google+ a competitor within the social networking niche. Facebook just lost out big in allowing Google to acquire his talents. This move will likely push Gray up the ladder to become one of the more recognizable faces behind Google+. Gray who already has over 29,000 people following him prior to any announcement, is clearly seen as an influential figure within the social media space.