Android Ice Cream Sandwich Gets Leaked With A Two Minute Video Tour

Well what do we have here? Last month some images reportedly showing off Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) made their way online, giving us our first peek at the next major version of Google's mobile operating system. Today ICS has allegedly leaked once again, but rather than having only still images to look at, we're treated to one of those fancy moving picture things. According to Engadget, the source of this video bought a Nexus S on eBay and, upon booting the device up, found things to be not quite as Gingerbread-y as one would expect. Diving into the ol' About Phone section of the settings menu reveals that this particular Nexus S is running Ice Cream Sandwich build IRK48, a newer version than the one we saw in August (IRK38B).
In the clip itself, we can see that the home screen has four app shortcuts on the bottom as well as a button to launch the app drawer. Above the dock is a Google Apps icon that, when pressed, shows the Google-branded apps installed on the device. The lock screen in the video has gotten a bit of a facelift compared to the one found on Gingerbread, and the camera app looks a tad different, too. The notification bar shown looks similar to the one we spied last month. Finally, holding down the home button on the Nexus S's face brings up a multitasking menu reminiscent of the one found on Honeycomb, which makes sense considering that Google has said that ICS is supposed to bring Android 3.x enhancements to phones to become the "one OS everywhere" version of Android.

As with most leaks, especially those pertaining to a major new version of Android, we're going to advise you to keep a grain or two of salt handy while watching the two-minute video. A lot of things in this clip line up with the leak we saw last month and what we've heard of ICS up to now but, as I'm sure many of the Android faithful out there know, custom ROMscan be built to look like just about anything. The full video is embedded below, so grab your magnifying glass and get to watching. Just don't forget to drop your thoughts on what you see in the comments below, alright?

Via Engadget
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