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G+Me Version 7 Introduced with Google+ API

We haven’t seen a tremendous amount of work done utilizing last week’s announced Google+ API. This is partly because the API is very limited at the time being, only specified for public data, and only having read only permissions. Having said this, we have seen a few mash-ups make their way onto the scene, including the Stream+mash-up.
Today, Huy Zing, announced the latest version of the G+me Google chrome extension for Google+, and you guessed it, it utilizes the Google+ API. Huy has really put a lot of time and thought into the G+me Chrome extension, and has done a wonderful job working the latest API into it, in a way which makes the user interface amazingly elegant. The beta for version 7  G+me is available here, and integrates the API by implementing new user profile hovercards. Huy explains the use for the new hovercard feature in the post below:
  • In fact, G+me adds augmented hovercards that are designed so that users can get information without having to navigate to another page. With these premium hovercards, you don’t need to visit users’ profiles in order to get the gist of what they post about — i.e., what they’re about. So you don’t lose your spot and the interface is quicker to use.  Not only that, but you get information that Google+ doesn’t give you today: stats, ranked posts, word clouds. You can make better decisions about who’s worth circling back and who’s too noisy. Processing notifications is super fast.
The latest additions to his extension certainly will save time for Google+ power users, and does so in a natural, easy to understand interface.  Below is a quick video put together by Huy showing off the latest version of G+me.

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