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iPhone 5: Case-Mate Publishes New Case Pictures

There's nothing better to add fuel to a fire when it comes to iPhone 5 rumours than something being published on the web then furiously removed.

Of course, nothing like that happens before eagle-eyed geeks have managed to get a look, and more importantly a screenshot, and that's just what's happened with Case-Mate, which launched a page with no less than six new case designs for the still-not-official Cupertino protege, only to whip it away soon after.
As we've long expected due to leaks from other third party manufacturers, it looks to be a slimmer, lighter model with a wider profile and iPod-touch-style tapered back.
A sneaky look at the area around the camera shows that it's also expected to be aluminium which all tots up to rumours that have been doing the rounds for months now.
It's not the first time that we've seen cases published by a manufacturer but the fact that this came from Case-Mate lends some credence to the story as it's one of the big'uns. It being pulled in a panic almost immediately also fits the profile.
Unfortunately, they didn't give us any info on the front of the phone (rumoured to have a larger screen and possibly a bigger, gesture-controlled home button), nor any insight into a release date but the widespread opinion is that it'll launch sometime in October.
The CEO of Orange inadvertently let the date of October 15 slip recently, and we've also heard strong talk of a week before that on October 8.
As we reported yesterday, Apple is facing unprecedented demand for the new model - so keeping us all in suspense won't harm its prospects.