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Google+ Fixes the Stream Jumping Problem

Google+ has just rolled out a new feature to quiet all the complaints over the jumping stream issue. In the past, if a user was viewing their stream, and a new post came in, it would move the stream down, causing him/her to lose their spot. It really began to get frustrating, especially for those who had a lot of users in their circles. Well it looks like, just as Bradley Horowitz had promised earlier this week in a post he made, Google+ has fixed the problem.
Although there has been nothing posted officially, as of yet, members will now notice that any new posts that are made expands the top of the page rather than pushes the old posts down. This means that no matter which area within your stream you are reading, new posts will no longer cause you to have to scroll down to find where you left off. The implementation is actually quite simple, and something that probably should have been done weeks, if not months ago. The change will certainly make viewing videos, and reading posts within one’s stream a much more enjoyable, less tedious task. 

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