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Google+ Hangouts: ON AIR and Kick Button

Apparently, Google+ is testing a new feature that broadcasts and records the Hangouts to YouTube Live in real-time. +Eric Martindale and +Mohamed Mansour are working on it.

Logging into Hangouts today, we see a red icon of camera top left and ON AIR banner top right and posts about recording hangouts.Everyone is asking - if they are being recorded, then where and by who, so far I have not seen the answers..

How to RECORD your Hangout using the new (secret) tool:

1) Join / create a Hangout.
2) Look at the addressbar. You should see a something like this:
3) Copy paste the portion after "hangouts/" and before the ? mark.
4) Take the following URL, and replace <hangoutID> with the number above:<hangoutID>


The Google+ Hangout DOM has an invisible kick button (just remove its visibility style) and when you click on it, you will see a nice kick bar!
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+Mohamed Mansour Google+

Moderation features for Hangouts coming soon?

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