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Google Maps Adds +Snippets Feature For Easy Sharing on Google+

A couple weeks ago Google announced +snippets for easy sharing of content within the Google+ platform. Today they have added +snippets to Google maps. Basically its easy to understand interface. When a user is at Google maps, they can quickly share exactly what they are seeing on their screen with any number of their Google+ circles. Whether it’s a location review, a map, driving directions, or search results within a map, it can all be shared with the click of a few mouse buttons.
Whenever a user is at a page within Google maps, they can click the “Share” link within the Google+ bar, atop the browser window, and a snippet of the current page they are viewing will become an easy to share Google+ post. This feature will make it much easier to share mapping pages with your acquaintances, and also mean more traffic to the Google+ platform. Here is a quick look at the new feature in action:

It looks like Google is slowly rolling out the Google+ snippet share features to many of their products. Google Maps is not the first Google product to incorporate +snippets, as it has already been added to Books, Offers, and Product Search, and clearly will not be the last.
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