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HP Intros New All-in-One TouchSmart and Omni PCs‎

HP has updated all of its consumer and business all-in-one desktops today, with new configurations of its Omni and TouchSmart lines. This announcement marks the first time HP has specifically targeted all-in-ones at business buyers.
The consumer all-in-one updates fill out HP's desktops across price bands. The TouchSmart touch-capable all-in-one line was previously limited to the high-end, $1,000 TouchSmart 600-series, and more affordable TouchSmart 300 models. The new 20-inch TouchSmart 320 will start at $600 when it hits the market in October, and it will be joined by the $700, 21.5-inch TouchSmart 420, and the $900, 23-inch TouchSmart 520.

  [Credits: HP]

All of HP's new TouchSmarts will have options for AMD and Intel CPUs and will come in fixed and customizable configurations. HP is also updating its TouchSmart software environment, which now appears directly on top of the standard Windows 7 desktop. Before you had to launch TouchSmart suite independently. Despite this line expansion, HP still has no 27-inch all-in-one to compete with Apple's higher-end iMacs.

For the non-touch side of HP's consumer line-up, the Omni gets two new models, the $800 Omni 220, and the $400 Omni 120. The 220 is simply an update to the Omni 200 we reviewed earlier this year. The 120 brings HP's all-in-one line to its lowest price point yet. Both offer 21.5-inch displays, and, like the TouchSmarts, an assortment of configurations, both pre-built and otherwise.

On the business side, HP has two offerings. The TouchSmart Elite 7320 is a 21.5-inch touch-capable all-in-one, with options for Intel's second-generation Core CPUs, up to 2TB of storage, and various discrete graphics card options, with a starting price of $850. The 20-inch, non-touch HP Pro 3420 has a more modest set of CPU offerings, with only Core i3 and Pentium options. The price of that model starts at $599.

Look for these systems to go on sale over the next few weeks, starting Sunday, September 11th for the TouchSmart 420 and 520.