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Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Released

One of the greatest Android Custom Roms leaps to a new level.
Android power users rejoice! CyanogenMod version 7.1 has just been released and it brings a ton of features and improvements to supported devices (there are currently 68). The new release is based on Google's Android 2.3.7 platform iteration. 

The changelog is rather impressive (as it is the case with any major CyanogenMod release). You can consult it by following the source link below but, just to name a few: it contains the latest Superuser app, improved notifications and album-art display, wake on Volume key option, support for launching apps via gestures in the background and much more.
There are 24 new phones added to the support list since version 7.0 of CyanogenMod so if you're one of the users with a phone listed there, you might want to consider jumping in the CyanogenMod train. As always, proceed with caution whenever you tweak or flash your phone.Follow the source link!

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