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Official Google Analytics App Lands In The Play Store, Complete With Real-Time Support

The official Google Analytics app just landed in the Play Store! Finally! Checking site stats has never been easier, it all happens in real-time, and is completely customizable. If you use Analytics, this is definitely a must-have application. Source : AndroidPolice
There are four tabs you can swipe between:
  • Real-Time
  • Dashboard
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Custom Alerts
The sign-in process uses your system Google accounts, so there are no passwords to enter. You can even switch between Google accounts from within the app.
In the dashboard view, you can set up additional charts and display any GA metrics you desire. You can also change the date range and even segment the metric you selected further (say, unique visitors but only from mobile). The Recently Used dropdown helps select the sites you use most in case you have a lot; a similar dropdown comes into play when working metrics. And real-time support... it's a dream come true.
Absolutely fantastic work, Google. Seriously, if you use Google Analytics, go get the app. Now. The app widget below the screenshots will guide you to the Play Store.
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