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Who says Instagram is Mobile-Only? New Web Functions and Design are Here

instagram new web format
Instagram now allows you to comment and edit your account info from the Web, along with a new look and bigger image views. But no, there's still no discovery.

Instagram is a mobile-first app if we’ve ever seen one. Until today, its Web presence could be described as minimal at best, and the smartphone-centric app has made its name nearly synonymous with iPhone. But Instagram’s been throwing open those platform doors, first launching on Android and then diving into the deep end with Facebook. And now it’s giving us just a little bit more Web functionality. Source : DigitalTrends 

The photo-sharing app now has a much fuller interface from which you can comment on and like photos. There’s – frustratingly—still no ability to browse, so the only way this has any use is if you’re sitting at your desk and click an Instagram photo that someone has posted to Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be able to view and interact via Instagram’s Web platform… but that’s it.

There’s also a new design, new color scheme (which line up with the recent mobile update), and images are larger.
instagram manage apps webPerhaps the most useful thing about the new iteration is the ability to edit your own account. You can change all your information from here, the biggest benefit being the option to manage applications by revoking access. Given the amount of platforms that want to pull your Instagrams in, you might forget what you’re granted permissions to.

If bringing its app to the Web is something that Instagram wants to do, then consider this part of a very incremental approach. You still can’t view all your own photos on the site, nor can you browse, or share something directly. Hopefully such features are on the way, but for the time being the new capabilities will have to suffice. Check out more photos below of the new Instagram for Web. 
instagram web account

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instagram web commenting

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