Google+ App Updated with Huge Updates; Brings Photo Sphere Viewer, Communities, And More

Google's been on a roll with software and feature updates this past week or so. And so when Google social boss Vic Gundotra remarked that he "couldn't sleep" last night, we suspected there might be big Google+ news coming today. And it seems that's exactly what we're getting, as Google prepares to roll out version 3.3 of Google+ for Android, along with updates for the web version. There's a bunch of smaller stuff, too; like on-the-go profile editing, improved content authoring, and a "subtle note when there's new stuff to read," among others.
Highlights in this release include new photo features, including better Photo sphere support, and integration with the newly-launched Google+ Communities feature. 

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The new Google+ app will land later today, along with new features for the desktop version of Google's social network. Here's what we can expect from the new app --
  • New photo stuff -- Instant upload now offers up to 5GB of  full-sized photo backups.Photo sphere panoramas recorded on Android 4.2 can be viewed on devices running Android 2.2 or higher.
  • Events and communities -- Communities support for the mobile app. And it's now possible to send messages to individual event guests and see who's opened invitations.
  • Hangouts -- Now only 150kb of bandwidth is required to participate in a hangout.
  • General improvements -- The ability to edit your profile on-the-go, new "subtle" notices when new posts arrive, and improvements to the posting menu. 
  • Google Now integration -- Birthday notifications through cards on Google Now, including Google+ links to wish the person a happy birthday.
  • Other goodies -- Animated GIF support and a lock screen widget for Android 4.2. Also, new "mood" posts based around a gallery of emoticons.
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