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Hate waiting for Ubuntu Android To Merge? Try this Live Wallapper

The first thing which i loved about Ubuntu OS is it's lockscreen, which is very different and unique from other OS . Install this wallpaper and it gives you a clock smack in the middle of the screen with subtle pulsing circles behind it. Very subdued and minimal for those who like it that way. Thanks to our source : DroidLife

The wallpaper doesn’t drag on the phone’s performance too much either its pretty much optimized and got updated few days back, which is a common problem from live wallpapers.  The developers have promised customization like moving the circle, ability to change the clock format and different colors. For free it’s a live wallpaper with a lot of upside, you can get the download link below. Hit the Widget below!
Ubuntu Live Wallpaper BetaFreeKivanoPLAYQR

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