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Press Receives Major Update - Sync on Launch and Background, New Article Navigation Included

Press, a brand new Google Reader news client, has been the focus of the Android app community since its release, being heralded for its great design choices and general ease of use. It certainly isn't the first -- nor will it be the last -- in this arena, but right now its one that has everyone watching, and early indications are that it's living up to the hype. While the original release of the app grabbed our attention, it was still missing some pretty basic features that other feed reader applications have had for some time. Simple things like background syncing and auto-sync on app launch are just a couple. 

Those are now included, along with a new way to quickly navigate between articles, more detailed sharing to social networks, and new text-alignment options. 

Here is the full changelog:
  • Quick article navigation to go to next/previous articles
  • Background/automatic syncing
  • Sync on app launch
  • Background syncing notifications
  • New text-alignment options
  • Show image title and URL in the image viewer. (xkcd fans rejoice!)
  • Date and time formats now match device settings
  • Article title is now included when sharing to social networks
  • Lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes
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