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Google Now Updated Gets Google Now Widget

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Google just pushed an update to its Search app (which, as you know, includes Google Now). Among the new additions are the Google Now widget that we've all been hearing so much about, movie ratings, the ability to pull up movie passes purchased from Fandango, and real estate listings from Zillow when Google thinks you're in the market for a home. Now that's fancy.

Added to Google Now today, movie cards now feature ratings from the go-to movie rating service Rotten Tomatoes and movie tickets purchased through Fandango will auto-populate Now once you reach the movie theater. Real estate also received a big boost today. Zillow will help provide the date for real estate cards when you’re out looking for a house, offering more or less information based on exactly where you are. For example if you are in a house for a showing, Google Now will provide an in-depth look at everything the house has to offer.
The Google Now widget, also included in the update, offers a quick glance at the information Google Now has waiting for you. Weather, stock prices, sports scores and navigation options are just a few things the widget will update with. The way the widget operates is a bit clunky at the moment, resizing and the amount of information displayed needs work, but it works well for an initial release.
Now that Google Now has been available for almost a year, how does it fit into your life? I know I use it multiple times a day, every single day, and have found it to be extremely useful.

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