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WhatsApp Messenger Beta Released with New Holo Design [APK]

The famous cross-platform messaging service Whatsapp is a little behind the times. It's part of the depressingly huge collection of Android apps that ape their iOS counterparts, never aspiring to anything higher. That appears to be close to an end, as the latest beta release of the Android client has a new user interface, and it conforms to the Holo guidelines that the rest of your phone uses. Screenshots via AndroidPolice:

old 1 old 2 old 3
The version in the Google Play Store got no update till yet, so you'll have to go off-market to try out the latest release. The free APK file can be found at this link. The trial period lasts for a year, with a $.99 service charge per year after that - those who have already paid will not be re-charged for using the beta.

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