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Download Pre-Release Leaked Facebook Home App With Bugs

Image Credits : Androidcentral
MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien has thrown together a trio of files with which you can get a half-working version of Facebook Home onto your phone -- five days before it'll be available to everyone as a free download.
We've played with it for a few minutes now, and it'll basically give you the look and feel of Facebook Home. But it doesn't quite match the performance (at least on our Nexus 4) that we saw on the HTC First, nor on the Galaxy Note 2 we used it on at Facebook's launch event lasts week. It's also lacking the "chat heads" messaging -- that's a huge part of Facebook Home.
facebook home1
Below, you’ll find .apk files for the Facebook app, new Messenger client, and the Home launcher itself. Before you begin, it’s a good idea (maybe even required) to uninstall Facebook completely from your phone and then start fresh with these three .apk files.
Again, uninstall Facebook from your phone. Then install these. I had success by installing Facebook, then the Launcher, and finally Messenger. Once done, login to Facebook and enjoy.
You’ll notice that one of the most important features, Chat Heads, is missing. For whatever reason, that feature is not working at this time, so you’ll have to go without it.
facebook home2

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