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New Google Play Store Version is rolling out Today

google play3
The new Google Play 4.0 that we first revealed two weeks ago has been announced and will start rolling out to devices running Android 2.2+ as early as today.
As you know after watching our early hands-on preview, the focus is on bigger imagery and is “simple, clean and — most importantly — helps you find great entertainment, fast.” The announcement also mentioned that the purchasing process has been simplified, though we will have to wait to get our hands back on it before we know what that means.

Tablet UI

google play2 google play1
And you should be happy to know that the ugly pattern across the Action Bar is, in fact, not part of the final release. Additionally, the blog post touts a continuous scrolling interface that will show you more recommendations as you move down the page. We imagine this will be similar to how Google+ functions now.
As soon as we get our hands on the APK, you can bet Ron will be doing his trademark teardown. What do you think, though? Do you like the new look?

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