Google’s Project Hera Icons Now Available in Play Store as Launcher Theme

You may already have heard about the icons that Google may or may not announce : Project Moonshine. The new icons seem to take design hints from some popular custom icon packs in the Google Play store. 
The leaked images show that they added shadows to the icons and they are very minimalist design. Today Brian Roberts announced a new icon pack and launcher theme based around project Hera, with the leaked icons in it. With the launcher theme we get a glimpse of what the final product from Google could look like. I have to say it looks fantastic from what I’ve seen so far.
This new launcher theme by Brian Roberts launched today with about 60 icons as it’s early right now, and I’m sure he will update it when more are released. They’re very high quality icons and he says more will be added daily, and a handful of wallpapers are included as well. 
As of writing, you can get it in the Play Store for $1 for the launch sale, if you’re interested in how it will look on your device. Go try it out! I installed it and like it so far, it looks good and I think it’s worth the $1 to support the developer.
The icon pack is pretty solid from what I've seen so far, I look forward to seeing more icons come out, then seeing Google’s new design aspects make their way into other things throughout android. The new icons have a much cleaner and more minimal look to them. Hopefully Google releases the new icons soon, so we can get the full look and feel of them.

What do you guys think of the new icons that have leaked out? Do you like the new design aspects that Google is likely going to implement into other aspects of Android? We would love to hear your guy’s thoughts, you can tell us in the comments, or on Google +, Twitter, and Facebook.
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