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Today Nexus 5 Should be Receiving Android 4.4.3 Update, According to Sprint

According to Sprint’s support page for the Nexus 5, the Google flagship is due to receive an update today. The changelog for the update only mentions that it :
Enables “Sprint Spark band 26 and band 41″ and includes “misc Android updates.”  That’s it.
Is it Android 4.4.3? Could be. Until we see it push to devices or a mention of its existence from Google, we’ll continue to keep one eye-brow raised.
The information we had previously said Android 4.4.3 was mostly bug fixes, so that's probably all bundled in with the "Misc Android updates." Sprint users will get access to Sprint Spark with this OTA. The device already had the hardware support for tri-band LTE, but now it's being enabled.
If the OTA breaks cover today, we'll probably be able to find the download URL for manual updates. Just hang tight if you simply must be on the latest and greatest.