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CyanogenMod Releases Official Nightly for Sony Xperia Z2

Today CyanogenMod releases official Nightlies of Cyanogenmod 11 for Sony Xperia Z2. Those who were waiting for it can now download it right away and get flashing on their devices.

CyanogenMod custom Android ROMs are some of the most popular third-party ROMs available for a wide variety of Android devices. They allow the users to use software that’s a bit different from what their smartphones ship with. Its core Android at heart but most bloatware and custom user interfaces are thrown right out the window.

The first CyanogenMod nightly build for Sony Xperia Z2 is based on Android 4.4 KitKat so users won’t really miss any of the core features. However since its not a stable release there might be certain bugs that might irk users. You can either hold off flashing the ROM until a stable one is released or you can take the pluge with the first and only available official CyanogenMod nightly build.

The ROM is now available for download from the CyanogenMod website, listed under the “sirius” moniker. An unlocked bootloader and custom recovery will be required to flash it. If you haven’t tinkered with an Android device at this level before it would be best to first read up on what may or may not go wrong.