Rumor : Google Aims to Change App Design with New ‘Quantum Paper’ Framework

Soon we will be having to Google I/O this year, we've seen a handful of leaks regarding the design of Android. We’ve seen redesigned apps leak, such as calendarthe dialer, and Gmail, as well as updated icons. According to a new report out of Android Police, all off these recent design leaks and updates have been apart of a new program within Google called Quantum Paper.

According to the report, Quantum Paper is Google’s new attempt to unify the design across its Android apps and websites. Quantum also has suggested guidelines for third-party app developers to follow, but as we’ve seen in the past, that doesn’t always pan-out. As part of Quantum Paper, there are several design elements that Google will bring to all of its apps. One of those elements is the floating hamburger icon seen in earlier Gmail leaks. 

Many new icons will be introduced as part of the program, as well, including a new search icon, toggle switch, and cluster icon. Many of these elements are present in the Google+ app.
Quantum Paper is exclusively for Google’s Android apps. The company’s iOS apps will be covered by the GoogleKit framework. Details about this, however, are still rather sparse.

In terms of a release, Android Police claims that the major design shifts that come as a part of Quantum will be present with the “L” release of Android. Leading up to this overhaul, however, Google will slowly incorporate these design elements into its existing apps and services.

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