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Top 5 CyanogenMod Themes for CM11

If your device is running on CyanogenMod and you're are looking out for some cool and decent Themes for it's built-in theme chooser then this place is perfect for you.

Note : These themes will work on any custom rom having “Theme Chooser”.

If you're not sure that your device has Theme Choose or not try this :

Open you App Drawer, Go to your device settings and you should be able to see a option says "Theme Chooser". If yes then your device does have the the Theme Chooser and if not you can Install CyanogenMod ROM through custom recovery for your specific device. For installing ROM check here

Also when you apply any theme ignore the error ”the theme is missing assets of your device”just apply anyway.

1. Flux Theme

Flux is designed with pixel perfect precision to give your phone a completely new modern look and feel! With high quality graphics and full of features, you will enjoy using your phone. It is a colorful theme with some Holo stuff in it also it does not have any fancy themed assets. It has so many wallpapers which complements the theme and make your device more beautiful, Plain. Simple. Decent.

Flux Themegiannisgx89
2. Kreatur UI Theme

Kreatur UI theme is just one gorgeous theme which supports more than Settings and icons themed. Theme is based on Bright Green Neon-ish color, you will see that color alot in the theme itself like in, Contacts App, Keyboard etc. 

There are many wallpapers included and gives you a flat look to your device.

The developer is very determined for the app and keep fixing the bugs, taking requests etc. If you're looking for an Flat Bright Theme for you device, this theme is right for you.

Kreatur UI ThemeScreenlicious
3. Gem Flat Theme

Gem Flat is a theme for those who want a flatter Android UI, it takes holoyolo to another level. This is done by using the Theme Chooser Engine available in most custom ROMs. Gem Flat is a simple and clean theme influenced by today's modern, 2-dimensional designs. With this theme, you will find a high quality look with an attention to detail. Gem Flat is mostly based on Bright Blue color which looks very nice on your device and does support wallpapers.

Gem Flat ThemeScreenlicious
4. BlakKat Theme

DjDarkknight is the developer of this beast this beast theme. This theme utilizes the new theme chooser in Cyanogen Mod. You will have to be running a custom rom. BlakKat is a dark theme. Everything here is inverted. All light elements have been converted to dark. Settings, Notifications, icons, navigation, widgets, apps, and more have been themed. This theme is like full of dark jet black assets, the main feature of this theme is it is fully inverted even apps like Google Now, Gallery etc.

BlakKat Full ThemeDJDarkknight

5. Fi Theme

Facade Interface (Fi) is a one of a kind theme which follows a Flat UI Design Language. Fi is made to provide you a great user experience. What makes Fi unique is that Fi's main theme color (Initial Release: Carroty-Red) would keep changing every month through a theme update which would keep things exciting, stopping you from getting bored of your phone.
Fi CM11/PA ThemeArz Bhatia

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