Google Updates Search : Lets You See Nearby Hotels With Your Trip Based On Hotel Confirmations

Google recently started integrating Gmail functionality in Google Search, Thanks to the new feature update within Google Search, you can now ask it to look up places around where you’re staying so you can find places to eat, or even get directions to where you’re staying if you’re already in the area but aren’t sure where to go from where you’re at. 

This could be a handy little feature if you’ve just landed at the airport and are leaving to check in for your reservation. This can all be done if your hotel confirmation is in your Gmail, and all users have to do to utilize these features is tap on the mic button within search. Easy right? Yeah we know, we thought so too, especially since nearly every other feature that is mentioned about Search can be accessed simply by speaking to it.

If you find yourself in this position you can tap on the Search mic button and say “show me restaurants around my hotel”, and within a split second(or maybe a few if you have a bad connection in your area because hey, it happens)you’ll be shown results of places to grab a bite near the place that you’re staying, or as Google puts it, you’ll be finding your way around like a local in no time.

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