Instagram Releases One-Touch Photo Sharing App 'Bolt' in Limited Countries

Instagram is a pretty popular place for sharing images but there was something that they thought missing so now there is a new app called Bolt, the app is official, but the Facebook-owned Instagram is keeping the soft roll-out secluded to only a few countries. It’s just tap-and-send quick, much like we’ve seen from the obvious competitor, Snapchat.
Officially announced on July 29, the application called Bolt is meant to continue the love for social networks that remove a lot of the pieces that some apps, like Facebook or Twitter, hang onto. Primarily, a lot of different actions fused into an app. With Bolt, it’s all about sharing a photo or video with just one tap of a finger.
The app works by linking with your phone number (that’s right, no other social networks needed), and then absorbing your Contacts list. By adding some names to your Favorites list, you can simply swipe through them at the bottom of your display when you’ve got the application loaded, and then touch their face to send them a picture. There’s no shutter, and you can’t review the image before you send it. 
You can also send a video if you touch-and-hold the friend or family member’s face. If you make a mistake, and send a photo or video to the wrong person, you can shake your phone within a few seconds of sending it, and the image will get deleted before it’s received by the person.
The application is available in South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand. Instagram plans on rolling it out to other countries soon, but there’s no definitive timeframe at this point.
Play Link (Not available for US residents)
Does the app sound interesting to you? Will you be checking it out?

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