JRummy Launches Root Check App with Material Design UI and More

We already know who is JRummy and for those doesn't know him, he is the king of Rooting and had released root relating apps to the Play Store previously like Rom Toolbox, Font Installer etc. This app is optimized for both phones and tablets.

Today he has released another app that just checks for root and also provides full information related to root. It also support a list in which all the root apps installed on your phone will be there along with the links.

This app gives a some tips and useful information about Root, how to do it and it's security concerns related to it and the benefits of rooting. And the main feature of this App is it's design, the famous in the trend Material Design UI. 

The app has some nice animations to it and the opening screen and closing. As you can see it has the famous Android L that floating share button on the right. You can customize the app to any color you prefer from the settings. So go ahead and download the app from below and tell us how you think about it.
Root CheckJRummy Apps Inc.

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