LG Optimus G Gets Android L Developer Preview Port

Android L Developer Preview was only limited to Nexus Devices like Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 but developers made it available for other devices like Android L for the Nexus 4 and HTC One M7. A new device is joining them today, surprisingly, the original LG Optimus G. 
While the Optimus G is not as famous as some Samsung and HTC devices, it is still nice to see such an old — and unpopular — device getting an Android L port. One main reason behind this port popping up for the G is that it shares internals that are very similar to the Nexus 4, which must have made the work of developers little easy. Link to the download is attached at the bottom.
The ROM is in a very usable state and only has a few bugs related to Camera and NFC. Below is a quick list of all the issues that are currently present in the latest build of Android L for the Optimus G:
  • Camera is a bit buggy
  • NFC isn’t working
  • Heat issue
  • Slow charging (related to the heat issue)
  • For Sprint Optimus G, there’s workaround to get service 

Fix : Download and flash the Release 3 first, add your carrier in carrier settings and then flash the latest release)

  • Random device update force close issues

Fix : Using a file manager app with root permissions (we recommend ES File explorer app), rename /system/app/OmaDmclient.apk to OmaDmclient.apk.bak

  • No SD Card error on some apps

Using a file manager app, go to /sdcard/android/data, look for the app’s folder that is giving you the error and delete it.

Chances of LG updating the Optimus G to Android L, once it is officially released, is a nope. So, this port or unofficial ROM is the best chance to get the taste of Android L. Link to the download : Download
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