[APK] Google+ Updated to v4.5, Brings UI Enhancements, New Icons and More

Google usually update their apps on Wednesday but today isn't that day. A new version of another Google app is trickling out over the Internet, and this time it's the Big G's social network. The update is peppered with changes, so let's dive in.
What’s New
This release is filled with enhancements. There are no new features here, but that's not to say the tweaks aren't appreciated.
For starters, there's a new profile page with an off-center alignment. Likewise, the round profile images and underlying grid are now officially compliant with Google's design guidelines. Icons are now much bolder.

This new release also fixes the white edges limitation in the images on Android L. These are more various tweaks like When you click on a photo, the text goes bottom, and when you click on the Floating button to create a new post it has new animation like popup.
However, Google didn't pushed the official changelog, so if you noticed anything new, tell us in the comments. On the other hand below there is the apk the file to download if you would like to immediately upgrade your copy of Google+, without waiting for the slow roll-out of the Play Store. 

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