Google Could Introduce Multi-user Support in Android L Release

The Android issue tracker has bee responsible for previous Android L leaks and now it strikes again. A user suggested that Google should introduce multi-user support for phones and, surprisingly, it received the following answer from a member of the Android issue tracker team: “the development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build.” 
What about that?! Even though the issue tracker team member didn’t specify what he means by “next public build of Android,” we are pretty sure he’s talking about Android L. Of course, unless Google loses their mind and release Android 4.4.5 KitKat. No, they won’t!
The introduction of multi-user accounts for phones will no doubt be warmly welcomed by Android L users and, to be honest, I am surprised why Google didn’t think of squeezing this feature in KitKat. I mean, it would be very useful when, for example, you want to let your kids user your phone for games or you let your friends play with your phone and limit their privileges.
Furthermore, the multi-user feature will also come in handy if you use your Android device as both work phone and daily driver. In this way you would be able to separate your work-related files and apps from those you use at home or when hanging out with your friends. Thoughts?

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