Google Testing Answers in Chrome for Android Autocomplete Suggestions

It seems that Chrome for Android is learning a new trick. If you’re after instant answers to questions, even as you type them, Chrome for Android is now offering this if you select the right flag.
Chrome has many settings which you can turn on through accessing ‘chrome://flags’ in the browser, to access this latest one you’ll need to enable ‘Answers in Suggest’. Once you’ve opened that URL in Chrome or Chrome Beta for Android hit the drop-down and select ‘Enable’ when you find it and you’re good to go. Now, if you go to the Chrome Omnibox, you can start asking a number of questions, although it seems to work only when there’s a knowledge card associated with the answer.

For Example:
  • When did…?
  • How tall is…?
  • What year did…?
  • What is the weather in…?
  • How old is…?
It works for a number of things but not for everything. It’s a cool little trick and hopefully there will be more answers seeded into it soon.

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