Today Calendar Gets a Taste of Material Design in Beta

We have always said that smartphones are more than devices to communicate, they are also powerful tools that allow us to be more productive in the tasks we perform throughout the day. The calendar is one of those essential applications for many and in my case it is my must have app for me.
There are many applications which has the same ability as all the calendars but still we were missing some application whose design were inspired by Material Design. So here it is Today Calendar.
The balance of your dates is possible via Google, also can be Exchange Calendar or 3rd party apps like Facebook, Samsung account, etc. Now Jack Underwood, developer of this app has made the app publically and it is available on store as Beta. Mind some bugs and other small errors, tell you this the developer is really fast at killing bugs. 
Who want to take the new material design of the calendar and use it on your phone. First you need to join the community and then go here to download the public beta of Today Calendar 

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