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Google’s Android Silver Program is dropped before the start

Earlier this year, reports started floating around the Internet that Google is killing the Nexus line-up for handsets in favour of its new Android Silver program, where it would team up with all the major OEMs and carriers, and release high-end Android devices running stock Android. 
Apparently, Google was also planning on setting up booths in retail stores to promote these devices, and was also going to be responsible for their marketing and customer support. However, recently when Nikesh Arora left Google, it was reported that the Android Silver program has stalled for now with its future looking uncertain.
According to the latest report from The Information, it looks like the Android Silver program is dead for good. The site says that “Google has since been redoubling its efforts to boost a different Android program.”, which may very well turn out to be its existing Nexus line-up, especially since rumors have been floating around of Google working with Motorola on a shamu Nexus to be released later this year.
While the report does not explicitly state that Android Silver is dead, its future does not look bright. So, if you were dreaming of buying a high-end Android device next year running stock Android, its time to tone down your dreams to whatever Nexus handset Google releases later this year.

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