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New Features coming to Google Play Services

As we all know the importance of Google Play Services for the green robot aka Android. Last week Play Services has received an update to v6.1: nothing sensational, but the APK contained many new hidden strings that give us an indication of future functionality that could be introduced.

Let's assume for now that this type of claim usually turns out to be reliable, nothing is final until it's official, then we have to wait before you rejoice.
Backup Android - It is request by many, for a long time, a real backup system would be really handy and it's amazing that in 2014 the Android doesn't support it yet:
<String name = "auth_setup_wizard_services_backup"> <b> Back up your device to Google </ b> so you can easily restore apps, app data, system settings and Wi-Fi passwords. </ String>
<string name = "auth_setup_wizard_services_backup_restore" > <b> Backup your apps and data </ b> "to Google Drive so you can easily restore a device. Data includes apps, app data, system settings and Wi-Fi passwords. Backups will not Affect your storage limit. "</ String>
<string name = "auth_setup_wizard_services_backup_restore_footnote"> Data includes apps, app settings, system settings, and Wi-Fi passwords. </ string>
<string name = "auth_setup_wizard_services_backup_restore_heading"> Backup & amp;restore </ string>
Reading these strings can identify some detail on the operation:
  • The backup will be performed on Google Drive but will not take up your space
  • The backup will include app, app data, system settings, and the Wi-Fi password
Data transfer from device to device - Another of the most interesting thing was there is something similar to Motorola Migrate made ​​in Google , some of you will remember in relation to Android Silver. In practice we will use the NFC or maybe even to pair two Bluetooth smartphone and they will move their accounts, apps and app data.
<String name = "auth_confirm_creds_authority"> </ string>
<string name = "auth_confirm_creds_sync_title"> Credentials State </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_bt_notice"> Bluetooth will be used. </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_lock_notice"> Your device will lock itself and must be unlocked again to continue. </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_no_accounts_toast"> Can not Tap and Restore Because there are no accounts on this device. </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_no_bluetooth_toast"> Can not Tap and Restore Because Bluetooth is not available on your device. </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_notification_text"> "A new" <g id = "device"> ^ 1 </ g> was set-up on <g id = "date"> ^ 2 </ g> "using this device, including an attempt to transfer the Following Google accounts:

"<G id =" accounts "> ^ 3 </ g> </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_notification_title"> New device setup completed </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_progress_message"> Copying data to your new device ... </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_question"> Copy accounts and data from this device? </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_restricted_user_toast"> Can not Tap and Restore from a restricted user profile. </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_title"> Restore Accounts </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_source_unknown_device_name"> Unknown Device </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_adding_accounts_message"> Adding accounts ... </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_connecting_progress_message"> Connecting to your other device ... </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_connection_lost_alert"> Connection lost </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_description"> "Quickly copy any Google accounts, backed up apps and data from your existing Android device. To copy:

1 Make sure your other device is on and unlocked.
2 Briefly place the two devices back-to-back, then set aside. "</ String>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_more_info"> "This feature uses NFC to transfer account data. If your other device supports NFC, make sure it's turned on under Settings> Wireless & amp; networks> More. "</ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_more_info_close"> Got it </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_more_info_link"> Learn more </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_prompt_skip"> "Not working? Let's just skip instead. "</ String>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_skip_button"> Skip </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_sorry_alert"> Sorry, something went wrong </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_tap_progress_message"> To continue , touch OK on your other device </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_title"> Tap & amp; Go </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_try_again_button"> Try Again </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_unlock_progress_message"> Unlock your other device </ string>
<string name = "auth_d2d_target_wait_progress_message"> Copying accounts and data ... </ string>
Authentication - Authentication in two steps is not fully integrated in Android yet, but in the future it could be: Google announced at I/O that they will be focusing on safety and thanks to Play Services will prevent our account from being stolen. For example, if someone tried to log in to our account from an unknown device, then we would see on the other we logged a request that asks us to confirm access.

Easy unlock  - This is not a real surprise this we knew it would come since it was talked about on stage at the Google I/O: when we are close to a PC or to a Chrome OS or even a Android Wear smartwatch, you will not need to enter a combination to unlock.

Advertising on the calendar and gallery  - Although the title may worry, it does not seem to be anything serious. If you're interested then it will add the event to your calendar, but only after having requested permission explicitly.

Nearby  - In the past we talked Nearby, the future mechanism for sharing your location, which at this point seems to be in the home stretch now. We will also use this feature in games, in order to challenge our friends in the same room quickly.

<String name = "games_menu_nearby"> Nearby </ string>
<string name = "games_inbox_nearby_players_subtitle_disabled"> Allow players nearby to find you </ string>
<string name = "games_inbox_nearby_players_subtitle_enabled_searching"> Searching for players nearby ... </ string>
<string name = "games_inbox_nearby_players_title_disabled"> Players Nearby is off </ string>
<string name = "games_inbox_nearby_players_title_enabled"> Nearby Players is on </ string>
<string name = "games_nearby_players_confirm_dialog_message"> Whenever you search for nearby players, Google will temporarily Play Games and turn on Use the following technologies to find players: Your location, microphone, speaker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. <U> Learn more </ u> ".

When Nearby Players is turned on, other players of this game who are nearby can search for and see your name and picture while you are searching. "</ String>
<string name = "games_nearby_players_confirm_dialog_title"> Nearby Players </ string>
<string name = "games_nearby_players_label_off"> Nearby players: Off </ string>
<string name = "games_nearby_players_label_on"> Nearby players: On </ string>
<string name = "games_nearby_players_null_state"> Searching for players nearby ... </ string>
<string name = "games_select_players_nearby_header"> Players near you </ string>
<string name = "games_select_players_nearby_search"> Find nearby players </ string>
<string name = "games_settings_debug_copresence"> Debug Launch Copresence </ string>
Other - Integration of Hangouts for shops on Google Maps, tips to help pages, references to Android Auto and sharing temporary position. There is a bit 'of everything in this APK Google Play Services and we hope that many of the changes which we have talked about today may soon come true; Finally, we leave you with a little 'unfailing humor by the engineers'.
<String name = "games_tile_profile_content_description"> "Player" <g id = "player_name" example = "Swan Ronson">% 1 $ s </ g>. <G id = "player_level" example = "Level 42">% 2 $ s </ g>. <G id = "player_title" example = "No XP earned yet">% 3 $ s </ g>. <G id = "next_level_up" example = "Level up to 125 XP">% 4 $ s </ g>. <G id = "next_level_up_xp" example = "3 of 1500 XP">% $ 5 s </ g>. <G id = "last_game" example = "Last Played: Angry Pigs">% 6 $ s </ g>. <G id = "level_up_congrats" example = "Congrats You've Leveled Up!">% 7 $ s </ g> </ string>
<string name = "games_tile_request_content_description"> "Player" <g id = "player_name" example = "Ron Swanson">% 1 $ s </ g> <g id = "action" example = "Would you like to send gifts">% 2 $ s </ g> </ string>
<string name = "games_tile_snapshot_content_description ">" Game "<g id =" game_name "example =" Nostalgic Racer ">% 1 $ s </ g>. <G id = "achievements_progress" example = "2 of 3 achievements unlocked">% 2 $ s </ g>. <G id = "card_title" example = "Continue Playing">% 3 $ s </ g>. Last Saved: <g id = "save_time" example = "2 weeks ago">% 4 $ s </ g>. Duration: <g id = "duration" example = "19 seconds">% $ 5 s </ g>. <G id = "snapshot_description" example = "Level 4">% 6 $ s </ g> </ string>
SOURCE AndroidPolice