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[VIDEO] Watch an iPhone 6 Plus Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen & Gets Sledgehammered

First off all iPhone haters will love this, today we have a YouTuber called RatedRR doing some particularly nasty things to the new iPhone 6 Plus. 
Normally, RatedRR just shoots various devices (iPhones and Androids alike) with large guns, but they've decided to get a little more scientific with their torture test and dipping the iPhone 6 Plus into liquid nitrogen, before having a go at it with a sledgehammer. Classy.
Check out the results of the “test” below:As many of you might have expected, the frozen iPhone 6 Plus literally shatters once it comes under the hammer – should’ve gone with sapphire displays after all, hey apple?

We should point out that we never like seeing technology destroyed (yes, even iPhones) simply because it’s a bit of a waste of money, resources, etc. But, you have to admit that it does look pretty spectacular filmed in slow motion. And I do get a bit of a warm feeling imagining the face of someone who’s waiting to get an iPhone 6 Plus watching this video. Sadist? Probably.
What do you think about the iPhone 6 Plus? Think it has anything on Android phablets? Let us know your thoughts below.

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