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Android L Developer Preview Running on Samsung Galaxy S5

Are you waiting for the Nexus 9 and 6 Nexus with Android L? Samsung apparently does not want their phones falling too far behind, and is already actively testing Android L on Galaxy S5, we can already see that now, thanks to an extensive video and many images leaked prematurely from the cauldron Samsung.

According to unofficial sources, Android L should be called Android Lollipop, and see what you can run on Galaxy S5 should be a build its relatively "old", the LRW58J, dating back to the end of August 2014 It is in fact a firmware yet fully in via development, contains numerous bugs, and not ready for daily use, so don't look for a download link or something.

We must admit that Samsung seems to be heading in the right direction. There are still many inconsistencies in the UI between what is old and what is new, but at least the main app (dialer, messages, clock, memo, etc..) Have been rewritten in Material Design, with a fidelity to the dictates of Google that does not we took for granted. There are still all the animations that are at the center of Material, and often clicking on a button you would expect a movement that does not happen then.
The notifications have been added to the lock screen, as in the preview of Android L, although unfortunately not be shown more than two, probably so as not to interfere with other effects / contents of the lock screen.

Also there is heads-up notifications, or those that appear superimposed with respect to the rest of the content, even during the games in full screen if desired, while Samsung has added a useful feature that extends the clipboard , and allows you to keep track of screenshots and copied text, so as to reuse them later.

Regarding the performance, you can not say anything at the time, as a result of bugs the ROM is slower than with KitKat, but we hope that the advent of ART and Project Volta knows itself felt in terms of performance and autonomy. Source SAMMobile