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[APK] Google Play Newsstand Updated with Material Design UI

Few days before Google Play Newsstand for iOS got redesigned, now Google has released a new version for Android with material design, larger headers and images, also the transitions are smoother. 

The Google Newsstand is an app by Google, which not only offers free content, but they can also offer their own content through the Google Producer, and even magazines on the web subscribe

The new version is currently being rolled out and should reach you soon.
The app also promises to be the "fastest ever", but for now it was not so swift in arriving at Play Store, since it is not yet available. Being a Google ad have no reason to doubt his next destination, so we leave the already classic badge for the update or download the APK to sideload it below the Play Store Badge. Source AndroidPolice
here is the apk to download, if you do not want to wait for the Play Store