[APK] Google Camera Updated to v2.4.008 with new UI

Image Courtesy: AndroidPit

It's time to catch up for the Google camera, which switches to version 2.4.008 with some new features that we will see now.
We find the introduction of some elements of Material Design, so only the UI got little tweaked.

The icons have all been updated, from that of the same application displayed in the drawer: now they are all flat and beautiful to see. Even the animations have been revised, especially those of the toggle. And finally, was introduced to animation focus, which is displayed whenever the camera refocuses the scene and subjects. 

The update 2.4.008 has not yet been officially released, but it will be within a few hours and quickly reach all devices when the Google camera is installed. We already have the APK download, but be aware that this was from Android 5.0, it is fully functional, but may not be optimized for your specific model. 

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