Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta 5 Playful Pitaya is out, Brings Improvements in Dynamic System Bars

Paranoid Android continues to work on their Dynamic System Bars, a feature that provides the look of Material Design or Lollipop by adapting the app color and put that color in statusbar to match the app.

That said, so far the performance of the DSB there was little low, you can now adjust their values, but this could also affect the autonomy. This option also does not mean that it stays in future versions of Paranoid, so do not get  too used to it. Other new features include:
  • A better transition system rails in DSB
  • A couple of changes to the themes
  • Tweak-specific OnePlus One
As always, you can visit Paranoid Android site to download ROM and Google Apps, and Legacy Community for devices that are not supported officially.

Download Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta 5 Playful Pitaya

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