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Google Teases and Trolling Android 5.0 in Video

We’re so close. Android L is rumoured to be launched tomorrow morning, and it seems like even Google doesn’t know what the L version of Android will be called (Lemon Meringue Pie? Lava Cake? Lady Finger? Lemon Drop?….Lollipop?). In this video shared by Sundar Pichai on Google+ this morning the casting call for the dessert to front the next version of Android is on.
There’s all those desserts in there, including an Oreo (no seriously, watch the video).
With the maker of the Android Lawn statues currently at the Googleplex, we’re surely going to know what the next version of Android is very soon…but seriously if it isn’t Lamington we’re gonna lodge a protest.

Source(s): +Sundar Pichai

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