Leaked Prices of Nexus 6 and 9 from German Market

With the approach of the new Nexus, and assuming that by now we know a bit 'all the hardware features, we only don't know the price. From Germany comes a new indication, in the form of a pair of stolen photos of the inventory Media-Markt, we can not be sure of these figures, and assuming that is accurate is not even told that the price is the same on Play Store. 
But now we think Nexus is not that much affordable on the basis of these prices, we are not saying that this will be the finial pricing but what if?

Here are the following prices shown in the picture :
  • Nexus 6 32GB: $569
  • Nexus 6 64GB: $649
  • 9 Nexus 16GB Wi-Fi: $399 
  • 9 Nexus 32GB Wi-Fi: $489
  • 9 32GB Nexus LTE: $569

Also note that Nexus 5 16 GB, in the same picture is added to $339, which is still a price similar to the current one. Let's clarify once again that you should not use these figures for absolute, the big question: would you buy them at this price? One? Both? None?

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