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Blue Checkmarks Can be Disabled in WhatsApp 2.11.444

This morning WhatsApp released a new version of the popular chat app. WhatsApp 2.11.444 allows you to turn off the blue check marks.
In WhatsApp 2.11.444 it is possible to the notorious blue check marks off. The infamous check marks were integrated November 5 in WhatsApp, which allows the sender to see if a message has been read by the other user. Many users didn't gave any positive reactions.Telegram saw increase the number of users with 1.5 million in two days just because of this move!
The new beta version of WhatsApp solves this problem. When privacy settings can "read receipts" are disabled, then you and the other person can not see those blue check marks.
Download the APK WhatsApp 2.11.444.
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