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[DOWNLOAD] HD Google Now Wallpapers

There is an popular app called GoogleNowWallpaper HD that lets you enjoy the very artistic and original backgrounds that you see in the Google Now app on your Android device. The app changes your homescreen background according to the time of a day automatically.
Most of these wallpapers, around 44 in number, are the original ones, while others are Google Now inspired wallpapers made by different artists. The credit for the 8 beautiful-looking backgrounds for desktops goes to Deviant Artist  ~brebenel. They don’t automatically change with the time of day but they are pretty and look awesome when set as background. However, you can enjoy automatic wallpapers change on Windows 7 and 8 from background Settings. Credits to their respected Artists.
There is another set of high quality Google Now inspired wallpapers designed by an artist whose name I do not know but they are beautiful. There are 12+12 images with normal and gradient effect. You can grab all wallpapers from links below!


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