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Kickedface Wishes you a Happy New Year 2015!

That's it! 2014 is over. You were even more likely to share our passion for high-tech world and especially Android. Thank you to be faithful to us and to participate in the Kickedface adventure.
2014 was a particularly eventful year for players in the world of smartphones and tablets. Some giants have experienced some difficulties in the image Samsung has probably experienced its worst year in a long time.
2014 is also the year of the explosion of the greatest smartphones and 2014 is also the year of the release of the new Google OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop, a new tablet, the Nexus 9, and obviously a new smartphone (very large too, as a symbol), the Nexus 6 .
You have once again accompanied us in this adventure and once again we thank you. We try to do our best every year and we are still improving. Your feedback allows us to always better understand the current high-tech to meet your expectations.
You greet our work, you criticize the (sometimes even eagerly but you are right) on Facebook or Google+ and that is what motivates us to always do better. The year 2014 your company was once again a real pleasure.
We look forward to seeing you in 2015 for new adventures full of surprises.

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