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[GUIDE] Enable "Double Tap to Wake" on Nexus 6 Without Root

The long became fashionable function, wake up the phone or tablet with a double-Tab is not given in the Nexus 6 of the house, though there was information that Google had originally planned. With a little tinkering, but it can be reinstalled. The device must not be rooted for this operation, but the boot loader unlocked (OEM Unlock) and the TWRP recovery should be installed.


  • Makes a backup of the file  /system/lib/hw/
  • copies the modified in the directory / system / lib / hw /
  • Set attributes of the file to 644
  • Done
The required file can be found in this post in XDA forum .
Kickedface will be not responsible for damaging your device. Please really make a backup of the file so that you can return just in case, back to your original configuration. Such changes take place naturally at your own risk.
For years I personally find the double-Tab2Wake history already a great feature. Especially for larger devices (like earlier with power button on the top of the phone), it is a pain to unlock the device easy (or only with one hand). I would probably install this modification as the first official act. What do you think?

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