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Top 10 Best Watch Faces for Android Wear

If you are rocking a Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Sony Smartwatch 3 or one of the Samsung ones like Gear 2, then we have a good news for you. Welcome to this article, because owning a Android wear smartwatch means you can get notifications, calls and fitness info beamed straight to your wrist. Oh, and see the time too of course.

Unlike a $500,000 Rolex or other luxury watches here you can also swap up your watch face whenever you fancy. Take that, billionaires.The collection of Android Wear watch faces continues to grow as more and more smartwatches start stealthily invading our wrists. Source : Stuff.Tv
Here's a selection of ten of the best ones we've come across, to get you started.


This watch face is simple shows the time, battery life and date. It has a customisation app which lets you swap to a digital mode as well as change the colors and style.


This watch face, unsurprisingly, has a heavy emphasis on weather, letting you see what the heavens will shower down upon you without waiting for Google's dedicated card to pop up whenever it feels like it.

AVIATOR (paid)

This classy offering serves up day, weather and battery information, in a design that resembles a traditional watch face. Pretty and functional. Just like us.


Tell us, is your current watch currently fed with data directly from NASA? No? Well this one is. Those colourful circles represent the actual location of the actual planets in actual real-time. Wait for the next eclipse if you don't believe us.


As its name suggests, this face is both, well, minimal and elegant. Hours on the top, minutes on the bottom, and the date thrown in for good measure. Stick those middle fingers up at hour and second hands.


We promise, you can actually tell the time with this wacky watch face. You see, the black circles represent... no, wait,  the white dots show off the.... err... You can probably hypnotise people with it. What more do you want?


We like this one. Why? Well, it defies the laws of physics. It's sort of hard to explain, but it traverses all dimensions simultaneously, rotating a much larger clock face within the confines of the smartwatch itself. In your face Einstein.

MINIMUS360 (paid)

There's not much to say here. Available in red or blue hues, this one is classy, minimalist, and clean. We like it.


Don't mention the N64 game starring a certain Mr. Bond who wore a strikingly similar watch. Although if other people compliment you on it, you don't necessarily have to correct them. Sadly, it doesn't flash when your heart-rate increases.

STEALTH360 (paid)

Again, not much to say. Minimalist, clean, simple. Ideal for those looking to escape from gimmicks and clutter.


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