[APK] Google Search Updated to 4.1, Brings Now Card and More

It was Wednesday yesterday and the great Google updated their Search app and once again appeared in a new version that is not available at this time only for Android 5.0. Greatest innovation for devices with Android 4.x? Changes initially fall to almost none, the design has been renewed several weeks ago and adapted to the material design.
You should now see a setting called Now cards. This gives you the ability to delete card preferences, show notifications for card updates, manage your card history, and even select a ringtone for urgent updates. If you click on the Manage card history tab, it will open your browser to show your card history for your Google account. You’ll notice that Google is recording how you’re handling each given card.
Next, Google has also added some clarification when it comes to the alway-on hotword detection options. Google has changed the  When locked option to Personal results, which will hopefully help users better interpret exactly what info will be shown, and when.

A few minor UI enhancements have also made their way to the Google app. The little dots that determine what page of the homescreen you’re on, now change in size rather than in color.
Voice typing has received some attention too, with a revised look and feel that better reflects Google's recent design philosophy.

Additionally, the stocks card is getting a slightly updated layout, and the weather card will now show where exactly Google is pulling the weather information from. And last but not least, Google has added support for nine new Indic languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Oriya.
The update to version 4.1 should be rolling out now. Head to the Play Store link below to grab your update! If you’d like to grab it early, head here grab the .apk file.

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